YouTube: Streaming Since 2005

On this date in 2005, YouTube was founded.

Here are some things you might not have known about the video-sharing site.

It was created by three former PayPal employees named Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim.

The three differ on their inspiration for starting the company. Karim said it was because he couldn’t find video online of Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction during halftime of the 2004 Super Bowl or of the Indian Ocean tsunami later that year. Hurley and Chen say the original idea was for a video version of a dating site.

The first YouTube video was called “Me at the Zoo” featuring Karim at the San Diego Zoo. It’s still available on the site. The site was made available to the public in a beta form in May 2005, and was officially launched on Dec. 15, 2005.

The first video to hit 1 million views was a Nike commercial featuring soccer star Ronaldinho in November 2005. By July 2006, the company said more than 65,000 videos were being uploaded every day, and videos were viewed more than 100 million times a day. In 2007 it was estimated that YouTube consumed as much bandwidth as the entire internet in 2000.

In October 2006, YouTube was purchased by Google for $1.36 billion in Google stock.

As of 2016, there were more than 1 billion YouTube users, with several hundred million using the site everyday.

47 videos have amassed more than 1 billion views, with “Gangnam Style” by Psy topping the list with 2.762 billion views.

Our question: What artist has the honor of having the most disliked video on YouTube?

Today is Valentine’s Day, and Statehood Day in Oregon and Arizona.

It’s unofficially National Ferris Wheel Day, National Organ Donor Day, and National Cream-Filled Chocolates Day.

It’s the birthday of comedian Jack Benny, who was born in 1894; actress Florence Henderson, who was born in 1934; and actor and dancer Gregory Hines, who was born in 1946.

This week in 2005, the top song in the U.S. was “Let Me Love You” by Mario.

The No. 1 movie was “Hitch,” while the novel “The Broker” by John Grisham topped the New York Times Bestsellers list.

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