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  • Presidential Elections: Six Things You Might Not Have Known

      Today is Election Day in the United States. Here are some things you may not have known about presidential elections. First off, voters aren’t really voting for candidates, they’re voting for electors. Those electors will assemble in each of the state capitals in December and submit their votes for president. The electors are usually […]

  • Electoral College: The Complicated Way to Pick a President

    In 2000, Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore won the popular vote, but was not elected president. How does something like that happen, you ask? The answer is the Electoral College. Here are some things you may not know about how the United States picks its president. The entire American federal style of government was created […]

  • Election Special: Third Parties

    The American political system is dominated by two major parties, the Democrats on the left, and the Republicans on the right. However other parties have a long history of affecting the outcome of elections and changing the priorities of the major parties. Today, we’ll look at the history of so-called third parties in the United […]