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  • 571: Salad Dressing Names

    Let’s start with salad, specifically salad dressing, even more specifically salad dressing names. We’ll start with the king of salad dressings in the United States: ranch. Ranch dressing was first created in 1954 by Steve Henson, who owned a dude ranch called Hidden Valley Ranch, near Santa Barbara, California. His customers liked the dressing so […]

  • Hoagies, Heroes, Subs and Grinders

    Today is National Eat a Hoagie Day. Here are some things you may not have known about the sandwiches. “Hoagie” is a term used mainly in the Philadelphia region for a submarine sandwich. Regionally in the U.S., they’re also known as heroes, grinders, torpedoes, wedges, zeppelins, spuckies, blimpies, bombers, Italians, and spiedies. The origin of […]

  • Rationing: Making Do During WWII

    On this date in 1940, food rationing began in Great Britain during World War II. Here are some things you may not know about rationing. Bacon, butter and sugar were the first foods to be rationed in the UK. This was followed by rations for meat, tea, jam, cereals, cheese, eggs, milk and canned and […]

  • Lutefisk: What Is It and Why Do People Eat It?

    We’re talking about lutefisk today. As someone of Scandinavian descent, who grew up in a town nicknamed Little Norway, lutefisk has been a part of my life since I was born, despite the fact that I’ve only eaten it once. Lutefisk is a traditional Scandinavian fish dish made with cod or other whitefish. The cod […]