121: ZIP Codes

On this date in 1963, ZIP codes were introduced across the United States.
Here are some things you may not have known about postal codes.
First, 20 years earlier, the US Post Office introduced zone codes for large cities. Mail would be addressed with a city name, zone number and state, such as Seattle 9 Washington. This was the basis for the ZIP Code idea. The letters Z-I-P stand for Zone Improvement Plan.
Second, two-letter state abbreviations were introduced at the same time. Before 1963, states would have may abbreviations, causing delays in service. California was frequently abbreviated CA, Cal., and Calif. CA is the acceptable two-letter abbreviation.
Third, In 1983 the ZIP plus Four was introduced allowing the code to identify even more precise locations. The system was met with public resistance and is not manditory.
Our question: What state is home to the highest-numbered ZIP Code?
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