Episode 64: Spam Spam Spam Spam


Today marks the 37th anniversary of the sending of the first mass marketing email, now known as spam. I think we all have enough of that kind of spam in our lives, so today let’s talk about Spam with an uppercase “S.”

Here are a few things you may not know about the canned meat product.

One: Spam was introduced in 1937 by the Hormel company of Austin, Minnesota. The ingredients include pork shoulder, ham, and other ingredients. The origins of the name are a company secret, but theories about the meaning of the name include “spiced ham” and “shoulders of pork and ham.”

Two: It became wildly popular during World War II when fresh meat was at a premium. It is particularly popular in Hawaii, Great Britain and Asia.  Spam is served at McDonald’s and Burger King in Hawaii and South Korea is the largest market for Spam after the United States.

Three: The 1970 “Monty Python” “Spam” sketch is where the term for junk email comes from. The sketch is set in a restaurant where every dish contains Spam and features a waitress and two customers, one of whom does not like Spam.

Our question: Which member of “Monty Python” portrayed Mrs. Bun, the woman who didn’t like Spam?

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