122: Assassination of President James Garfield

Today marks the 134th anniversary of the shooting of U.S. President James Garfield.
Here are some things you may not have known about the assassination.
First, While Garfield was shot on July 2, he lived for 11 weeks until dying of an infection related the to gunshot. Experts have said Garfield likely would have survived if not for the poor care he received, including poking in the wound with dirty fingers and instruments.
Second: The assassin, Charles Guiteau, described himself in his trial as legally insane. He had been a member of the utopian Oneida Commune before being kicked out. After many failed business and religious ventures, he tried his hand at politics penning a speech supporting Garfield in the 1880 presidential election. He believed that his speech had won the election for Garfield and demanded an ambassadorship. Those demands were denied.
Third: After being refused his ambassadorship, Guiteau turned against Garfield and began plotting to kill him. He bought a revolver and learned to use it. He spent the month of June stalking Garfield planning when to act. He shot Garfield at the Sixth Street railway station.
Our question: What state and political party did Garfield represent?
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